Though I have been working already in the Shipping Industry for the last 15 years, I discovered many aspects of shipping I was unfamiliar with. The course provided me with a vast knowledge in Shipping and Logistics

- P. Srinivasa Rao, Logistics Officer, GSPC.

A very informative course which helped me to acquire solid knowledge in the fundamentals of Shipping & Logistics. I joined shipping after my MBA in Finance and Marketing. But i wish i could have done MBA in Shipping & Logistics. I have completed my Diploma in Shipping & Logistics at ECMA. A very beneficial course and it provided lot of knowledge which I can now use in my job consequently to improve my career in the Shipping Industry.

- A. Bhagya Lakshmi, Logistics Executive, Sri Gayatri Shipping & Logistics

I have done my PG Diploma in Shipping & Logistics. It is an excellent and very comprehensive Course through which i have gained much more knowledge. This Course is helping me in progress my Career.

- K. Vidya Sagar, Sr. Manager, Arya Offshore