Courses: This course gives a thorough understanding of the different aspects of Shipping and Logistics. It will also give knowledge of the technical and commercial aspects along with the Principles and practices of Martime Shipping Industry.

We have highly trained Course Specialists to help and advise you on choosing the best course for you and your future. We have a fantastic array of courses for you to choose to develop your knowledge, skills and expertise within Maritime Shipping.


1. BBA in Logistics & Shipping
2. B.Com in Logistics & Shipping
3. MBA in Logistics & Shipping
4. MBA in Shipping & Port Management
5. PG Diploma in Customs Clearance and Freight Forwarding
6. PG Diploma in Logistics & Shipping
7. Advance Diploma in Logistics & Shipping
8. Advance Diploma in Warehouse Management
9. Diploma in Logistics & Shipping

1) Diploma in Shipping Logistics – Duration 9 Months (3 Month Theory + 3 Months Practical Training + 3 Months Internship)

2) Advance Diploma in Shipping & Logistics – Duration 15 Months (5 Months Theory + 4 Months Practical Training + 6 months Internship)

3) P.G Diploma in Shipping & Logistics - Duration 2 Years (7 Months Theory + 5 Months Practical Training + 12 Months Internship)


All the students have to complete Unpaid Industrial Internship Program in our Sister Concerned or in our Associated Companies for which Service Certificate will be issued for the internship Period. 3 Months for Diploma, 6 Months for Advance Diploma and 1 year for the PG Diploma Students. Internship period will be in addition to the Course duration. During the course of internship Student has to make his own arrangements for Food and Accommodation. Alternatively, Academy can also provide food and Accommodation at extra Coast.


General Syllabus

A) Syllabus Covered in Diploma in Shipping & Logistics:

  1.  Introduction to Shipping
  2.  International Business and World Seaborne Trade
  3.  Maritime Geography
  4.  Economics of Sea Transport
  5.  Law of Sea Transport
  6.  Commercial Shipping Business
  7.  Stowage, Draft Surveys & Ullage Calculations
  8.  Import and Export management
  9.  Port Logistics
  10. Introduction to Freight Forwarding & NVOCC Operations
  11. Ship Operations, Navigation & Sailing
  12. Customs Clearance

B) Syllabus Covered in Advance Diploma in Shipping & Logistics (Above Syllabus covered in Diploma plus below):

  1. Introduction to Port Development & Harbour management
  2. Port Agency (Liner, Tramp, Cruise & Navel Vessels)
  3. Container Shipping, Container Freight Station & Inland container Depot
  4. Multimodal Transport & International Freight Forwarding
  5. Stevedoring & Port Operations (Bulk Carriers & Tankers)
  6. Customs Acts, Rules & Regulations

C) Syllabus Covered in Post Graduate Diploma in Shipping & Logistics (Above Syllabus covered in Diploma & Advance Diploma plus below):

  1. Introduction to Chartering & Shipbrokering
  2. Ship Management & Ship Operations
  3. Cargo Management at Port
  4. Warehouse & Inventory Management
  5. Information Technology in Shipping
  6. Shipping Finance, Sale and Purchase of Ships

D) Other Value added Syllabus:

  1. Insurance & Maritime Claims
  2. Maritime Arbitration & Salvage
  3. Off-shore Oil Exploration activities
  4. Tenders & Negotiation Skills
  5. Communication Skills & Business Letter Writing
  6. Spoken English

:Practical Training:

All the students will have to undergo Practical training onboard Ships, in Port Yards, at Port documentation centers, Customs houses, Container Freight Stations within the stipulated time period. The Student shall indemnify the Academy for any loss or damages during the Practical Training.

Industrial Tours:

Ports , Container Freight Station and Inland Container Depot visits outside Visakhapatnam will be treated as Industrial Tour. In this connection, the necessary charges have to be borne by the Students and cost for the same will be intimated to the students well in advance. Generally, one Industrial Tour in 3 months will be conducted. The Student shall indemnify the Academy for any loss or damages during the Industrial Tours.


For Diploma - Pass in 10th or 10+2 with minimum 50%.

For Advance Diploma - Pass in 10+2 with minimum 50% or pass in 10th in Diploma.

For Pg Diploma - Pass in 10+2 with minimum 50% or pass in 10th in Diploma, Pass in Graduation with minimum 50%, Pass in 10th or 10+2 with minimum 50%+Diploma & Advance Diploma.

ECMA is thoroughly focussed towards building the capability of their students and highly focussed towards 100% assured placements. Keeping these things in the mind, ECMA has been accredited from VQMS for perfectly shaping career of their students. We have VQMS accreditation for INTERNSHIP + 3 Industrial Certification for every programs at ECMA. Where students are focussed towards not only functional learning but also towards building capability of their students, so as to have adaptability for working at big corporate and organization of repute. Also, students are taught towards leadership management, Corporate Governance and management. VQMS is a renowned organization of repute towards Quality and Management.


Our students will be provided with 3 Industrial Certifications :

1. SIX SIGMA Certification - a study towards defect management , Variation management and Capability Management.

2. International Best Practices - a study towards various industrial best practices used in corporate world.

3. Communication Management - a very basic need towards building Corporate coordination and Communication management.

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